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Motor produksi Heshan Guoji Nanlian Motorcycle Industry Co.,Ltd ini masih mengambil platform rangka honda cbr 150 dengan disain yang lebih segar tentunya,sehingga aura kloningan tidak terlalu kentara.


Dimension (L×W×H) 1940×689×1099(mm)
Maximum speed 95(km/h)
Maximum load 150(KG)
Weight with full equipments 126(kG)
Displacement 197(ml)
Front Brake type Disk type
Rear Brake type Disk type

Dongben DB250-2

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Test Riding the Dongben DB250-2

The DB250-2 is a new high-performance street bike developed by the Chongqing Dongben Industry Co., Ltd. which bears elements of European fashion   The DB250-2 is independently researched, developed and mass produced by the company itself proving its manufacturing capability.

To some extent the development of the DB250-2 is one of the brightest lights of Chinese street bikes.
On a friends’  reunion during the Spring Festival, I heard that the Dongben Company had developed a new street bike. After the festival I went back to work and called Mr. Xiao as I had realised that road trials had been made and the products had already been put into light production. On hearing this CHINA MOTOR motorcycle trial group got right down to the testing of new products.
Heroic Splendour
In the exhibition hall stand four DB250-2 motorcycles with the different colours of red, blue, green and black respectively. Red, black, silver blue black and green white motorcycles appropriately comply with the international colour concept, making the atmosphere more sports like while red and black fully embody the new “colour” of individuality and fashionable taste, displaying the rich metropolitan atmosphere. It was indeed a “city colour.”

The design of a streamline body first came to eyes when I saw the bike. The special design is based on the theory of aerodynamics. The vehicle has a full and robust body with standard stream lines, simple but strong, making the bike fashionable and dynamic. Looking more closely at the details of the DB250-2, you could see its inner richness. For example, the wide-section vehicle frame is connected with the square back swing arm, making the vehicle strong and good-looking while strengthening the load capability of the bike. The broad tyres and large-size disc brakes guarantee security while riding. The distinctively different oil tanks are laid out with the larger at the front and the smaller at the back, making it comfortable for your feet. The up warping of the tube muffler corresponds with the forward incline of the seat cushion giving an unrestrained ‘race feel.’


Heroic Grace
From the moment I mounted the DB250-2, I realised the the bike was easy to handle. As it is very low to the ground I could land my feet comfortably. The handlebars are back inclining so that you can straighten yourself up when riding.
The DB250-2 starts electrically. Just press the button on the right handlebar and the bike gets started with a low and soft hum. When ticking over, the loud sounds coming from the muffler are as strong and powerful as a drum of war.
After starting up, a simple press of the clutch places the gear into the right position. The motorcycle gains speed faster by shifting from second to third gear. Because the bike is a new the vibration of the engine seems heavier than we estimated when it runs on concrete roads at 30-35km/h in third gear. However, the vibration disappears when the bike keeps constant speed.
When approaching the destination, the motorcycle is in third gear. At this moment, we need to gain speed by pulling back the throttle and pressing the clutch for three successive times. Then we glide along without power. The whole process is very exciting.
Double discs in the front and single disc in the back make up the brake system of the DB250-2. There is no better arrangement for a street bike. At a speed of 60km/h, we break the bike from the back wheel to the front wheel with a stopping distance of around 7 meters. Because of the excellent braking performance and flexible handling we are confident that the DB250-2 is able to stand out in a crowded market.
Field Tests
The testing of the DB250-2 was undertaken on the concrete road in an industrial zone.
We were encouraged by the DB250-2 after the warm up as the fixing of the crouching legs close to the bike made the rider feel like he was driving a sports car.

A.Turning Radius
We chose the same 8-metre-wide road to test the shortest turning radius as it’s enough for turning at slow speed and capable of dealing with the handling of the DB250-2 on common roads. With a steady hum, the DB250-2 left a circle on the road. The result showed the turning radius of the bike, which was 2.0 meters.
B.Acceleration Performance
We also made a test for the performance of acceleration based on 4 starting speed: 0 — 30km/h, 0 — 40km/h, 0 — 50km/h, and 0 — 60km/h. The result was quite beyond our expectation:
Table 1: Acceleration capability of the DB250-2

In order to know the acceleration ability of the DB250-2, we measured a 100-metre-long track and placed the bike at the starting point. What we wanted to know was the time needed for the bike to go 100 meters at speed. The result is as follows:
Table 2: 100-meter dash

C.Braking Performance

The front wheel of the DB250-2 is 110/70-17 and the back wheel 140/70-17. The bike uses double discs in the front and single disc in the back, which guarantees urgent braking and security even with maximum loads.
Table 3: Braking Performance

Table 4: Temperature

Xingyue 400GY-2

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Test Riding the Xingyue 400GY-2
—Mechanical Warrior

Most motorcycle fans don’t cover up their favour for large displacement motorcycles. Whether the cruising Harley-Davidson on the No. 66 road in the movie or the racing bikes on the track, their super cool appearance, solid bodies and strong power are the dreams of many people. For various reasons, we rarely have a chance to get close to such model which stands for higher technical standards, so we are quite pleased to learn that we will have the opportunity to attend the Xingyue 400GY-2 test riding. Because we believe that Xingyue, as a Chinese motorcycle producer specialised in making large displacement motorcycles, will not let us down.

When the silverish black Xingyue 400GY-2 appears in front of me, there’s an image coming into my mind suddenly: the mechanical warrior! In terms of its appearance, we regard it as a sport street bike. Its angular lines clearly announce that its rider must have a young heart if not a young age. Looking at it from the front, the design of its headlamp seems to be influenced by the high class vehicles which are popular in Europe and America; the big and small lamp combination is very modern and fashionable; looking at it from its behind, its exhaust pipe with the aluminum alloy cover looks very elegant; looking at it from its side, its high-grade black electrophoresis frame and 16-inch hollow aluminium wheels show signs of luxury. Such appearance makes it look like a mechanical warrior armed to the teeth; it looks like a brave and strong transformer from the movie and it’s full of dominating power. I’d rather display it in my sitting room as my collection if it’s not for the test riding task.
It’s lighter than I expected while riding it; this owes credit to its aluminium alloy rear fork and handlebar components. Its seat is 820 mm high, but the smart design of the seat shape to go with the narrow vehicle frame enables me to touch the ground with my feet. The arrangement of its footrest, gearshift and brake is very appropriate; such humane design will still bring the rider a good feeling even for a long distance riding.

Its power flows violently after starting; such feeling on a big displacement motorcycle is hard to get for someone who is used to the small displacement motorcycle. Engine’s power transfer is very smooth; gear shifting from low to medium and high speed is very easy. Its body and handlebar don’t have any evident vibration; its extra wide vacuum tyres guarantee its steadiness at high speed. I didn’t worry a bit at the height of 161 mm from the ground when travelling in any road condition. Its extra thick big stroke front shock absorber and its hydraulic rear shock absorbers were working well; they sprang back freely; the comfortable feature for long distance travel is guaranteed.

In terms of braking, its front and rear dual-pump big disc brakes ensure the safety for travelling at high speed; the braking sensitivity and braking distance of the Xingyue 400GY-2 are very satisfying after several high speed braking tests. The only pity is that its acceleration performance at high speed is not as good as I expected, maybe it’s because Xingyue deliberately restricted the high speed for safety reason.
After test riding, the Xingyue 400GY-2 is regarded to fit for long distance travelling on all road conditions. All designs on its body prove that it is not only a short distance transport for city life. If not, its 22L extra large oil tank will be meaningless. An impulsive idea comes to my mind from time to time when I am riding the Xingyue 400GY-2 motorcycle: I will ride it on the high way! I don’t know when this dream can come true; but the large displacement motorcycle models stand for higher technical level; they should also be the development direction of the Chinese motorcycle products. With this point of view, I am looking forward to riding the large displacement motorcycle again.



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The YG250NF Street Bike Carrying a Mighty Bearing



The amazingly attractive appearance, the forceful sound, the surprising explosive power, the agile braking performance, its external and internal craftsmanship, the YG250NF street bike carries a magnificent degree of quality all around. “This street bike took us one year’s hard work.” President Zhang was unbelievably proud when speaking of this YG250NF street bike. People were all convinced of with the Yingang Shandiwang’s superior performance and the launch of this top homemade street bike will definitely make a stir in China.


Its Stable & Solid Appearance
In terms of its colour, its yellow and black body may look plain, but this goes right with its stable and solid style. Its angular and super big petrol tank and the design of its deep down and wide seat is suitable for human body’s bow tension and also gives people a sense of stability and safety; the design also has visual aesthetic fluency. Meanwhile, the perfect welding of its frame, the shining electroplated yellow paint, the eye-catching round crystal headlamp, the small and exquisite pair of tail lights which have the beauty of symmetry all reflect Yingang’s exquisite craftsmanship.

Of course, the most attractive things are its sporty and fashionable streamline shape and its slightly high and wide front handlebar which show its unique master quality and demonstrate its tremendous momentum of dominating the world.

Its Surprising Accelerating & Instant Braking Performances
The entire body of the YG250NF looks magnificent, but if we really want to find out its most ‘attractive’ part, then it has to be its YG170MM engine–dual cam four stroke water cooled engine. Its compression ratio is 11:1 and maximum torque is 22Nm; this easily proves its pursuit of strong explosive power; its strong torque makes its rider does whatever he wishes at the extreme high or low speed. In the 50m and 10m acceleration sprint, the YG250NF only took 4.21 seconds and 5.81 seconds respectively; its strong power is enough to secure its leading and proud position among many homemade street bikes.

In terms of its braking performance, this street bike is unbelievably good. Its front dual-disc brake and rear disc brake along with its big tread and good ground-holding performance tyres make it always ready to brake excellently; it’s just a press away for an instant deceleration. Two fingers will be more than enough to operate its front brake; the strong braking performance demonstrated by its front brake pads makes you awe with admiration. I’d like to inform those who don’t always ride motorcycles, don’t brake hard so as to prevent its rear wheel from going up in the air and prevent you from falling off. The outstanding shock absorbing system is a must for a strong power vehicle. It uses a front inverted fork, a middle rear shock absorber plus the independent cradle which help to balance its body at the time of high-speed braking, so the stability after high -speed barking is guaranteed and its shock absorbing effect is more comfortable.

If one defect has to be pointed out, it’s its weight of 152.6kg. Its 16L super big petrol tank can provide enough fuel for long-distance travel, so it’s all up to your physical strength for long-distance travel; will you be able to ride it long in the way you wish to ride it?

Qingqi QM200-2D Test Ride

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The QM200-2D motorcycle is jointly designed by Jinan Qingqi and French Peugeot. By integrating some European elements into itself and combining its own design style at the same time, it boldly attempts at being based on tough lines, bringing a sense of movement which is full of modern elements to the whole vehicle. The whole vehicle modelling of the QM200-2D is dignified and heroic, full of impassioned and forceful senses of movement.

Technical Characteristics

As a sport street bike jointly designed by China and France, the whole vehicle modelling of QM200-2D is dignified and heroic, full of impassioned and forceful sense of movement, and once won the Best Design Award at the Czech Show. As a sport street bike which integrates science & technology, environment protection and comfort into one, the QM200-2D adopts a new-type diamond-shaped frame which ensures the stability of the body to a large extent. 

The front suspension system adopts inverted front shock absorbers, and the back suspension system adopts central spring shock absorbers. Such a strong suspension configuration is very rare among the same-grade home made vehicle. This vehicle also adopts a tubeless high-speed tyre. The specification of the front tyre is 110 / 70—17, and that of the back tyre is 140 / 70—17. The front brake adopts large-size dual-brake discs equipped with dual-piston calipers, and the back brake is single-disc equipped with dual-piston calipers. In addition, the rotating part of the front bottom fork uses high-intensity needle bearing, 22L super large capacity oil tank and newly designed instrument panel, all of which make it different from others.


Performance Test
Advantages: Fashionable and dynamic appearance design are all in line with the design concepts of sport street vehicles. At the same time, it highlights its own appearance design characteristics, making the whole vehicle full of sense of lines with distinct edges and corners. The high-speed performance of the engine is very smooth, and the sensitivity and strength of the front brake are all very satisfactory.

Disadvantages: The front tyre is too wide which makes the handlebar feel heavy at low speed, affecting the flexibility of the vehicle. The engine performs not very well at low speed and the torque is inadequate when it speeds up after starting.

Main Purpose: city leisure travelling

Adaptive Population: young people pursuing fashion

Suggestion for Improvement: The size of the front tyre should be changed for a narrower one to make it improved in manipulation. The inverted front shock absorber is a little soft, affecting sport travelling.

The Test Feelings:

The fashionable and dynamic appearance design of the QM200-2D is in accordance with the manufacturing concept of modern internationalised sport vehicles. It is significantly different from others in details such as the diamond-shaped petrol tank, pointed tail and small blinker, making the whole vehicle full of personality and sense of movements. The jewelry blue spray paint coupled with dynamic body decals makes the QM200-2D eye-catching. The split type-sport handlebar reflects the theme of sport once again, adding a lot of sport vehicle favour to the whole vehicle.

The engine of the QM200-2D adopts the reputable GN technology of Japanese SUZUKI. Relying on several major characteristics including low repair rate, strong durability and stable power output, this vehicle is recognised by most of the users, which is also the major reason why this engine is used on the QM200-2D. The engine of the QM200-2D performs smoothly in high speed region: the speed enhances fast and the high-speed region is wide, and at the same time the shake of the engine is acceptable. However, the engine performs not so well at low speed, with insufficient torque. In terms of power, the engine of the QM200-2D performs smoothly in the speed transition between low, medium and high speed phrases as a whole. There is no sense of frustration from start-up acceleration to putting up full block, making people feel smooth from the beginning right to the end.

The flexibility of the QM200-2D motorcycle is out of my imagination, and it is very difficult to find such strong brake effect in motorcycles of the same type in China. The braking system of two braking disks equipped with two dual-piston calipers is used in the front brake of the vehicle, with skill and ease. In traveling, as long as the front brake works with force slightly, the QM200-2D can easily complete the skilled movement of up wrapping the back wheel, which can be called the expert of back wheel up-wrapping.

The Main Technical Parameters of the QM200-2D:

Similarly, the back brake of the vehicle is also equipped with disc brake system. The rear wheel will be quickly locked by treading the brake slightly with force.
Adopting sport high-end configuration, the suspension system of the QM200-2D is a bright spot of this vehicle.

The front suspension adopts inverted hydraulic front shock absorber and the rear suspension adopts central spring shock absorber. The sport bike suspension system greatly ensures the manipulation of this bike, and improves the performance at bends and also guarantees the stability of driving at high speed. The high-speed stability and bend performance of this vehicle are no less than any of the sport bike produced in China.

It can be said that if equipped with a spoiler, the QM200-2D will be a sport bike suitable for driving in a sport style. However, the premise is that the front tire should be replaced as the too wide front tire affects the manipulation of the vehicle at low speed. The handlebar feels heavy when steering, which affects the flexibility of the vehicle. There will be some tremble in the front part of the body when traveling in a straight line; however, the tremble will be gradually weakened with the increase of the speed.

A fact has to be admitted that the success of the appearance design of the QM200-2D indeed adds a lot of points for the whole vehicle. The appearance of the QM200-2D has deeply attracted me or I can say that it has moved me, letting me see the hope of the Chinese made vehicles and also I am full of hope.

Just like a “juvenile” full of passion, the QM200-2D is running to us, bringing new hope to our homely made vehicles!

XGJAO XGJ150-22 / Kaisar Vartex Gen1

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Product Feature
features descripture:
Streamline design of body work is more adaptive for aerodynamics
Central rear shock absorber makes you feel more comfortable
To be designed according to the driving concept of somatology
Front and rear disk brakes ensure you safer driving
Aerodynamic fairing design with twin headlights and an attractive sporting look
Design is compact while maintaining a comfortable, sporting ride position
Smooth, compliant ride provided by front forks with 4-way adjustable rebound damping
Link-type rear suspension and single shock absorber with 4-way adjustable rebound damping and 7 preload settings
Large easy-to-read instruments with electric speedometer, LCD odometer, LCD clock, twin tripmeters and fuel gauge

Product Specification/Models
Tech parameters:
No. Item Description
1 Dimension (L x W x H) 1870mm x 640mm x 975mm
2 Wheel Base 1265mm
3 Ground clearance 140mm
4 Net Weight(kgs) 110kgs
5 Max. Loading 150kgs
6 Max. Speed 95km/h
7 Climbing Ability ≥18°
8 Brake Operation (Front) Disc by Hand
9 Brake Operation (Rear) Drum by Foot
10 Specification of Front Wheel 70/90-17-4PR 200kPa
11 Specification of Rear Wheel 80/90-17-6PR 225kPa
12 Type of Engine 162FMJ, Single Cylinder, Air-cooled, 4 Strokes
13 Cylinder dia X Working stroke 62 x 49.5mm
14 Efficient Capacity 149.4ml
15 Rated Power and Rotate Speed 10kW / 9500r/min
16 Max. Torque and Rotate Speed 11N.m / 7500r/min
17 Gearshift Mode Mechanical shift, 5 speeds
18 Starting System Electrical / Kick-starter
19 Package measure(L x W x H) 1850 x 550 x 970 mm
20 Container Loading Quantity 50 units / 40?; 75 units / 40?HQ container


L/C at sight or T/T in advance

FOB Chongqing China

Chongqing China


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Dry weight: 150kg
Wheel base: 1470mm
Exterior size: 2160*770*1145mm
Maximum speed: 130km/h
Maximum payload mass: 140kg
Fuel capacity: 11.0L
Brake type: F:Disk, R:Disk
Engine type:4 stroke,double cylinder,oil cool
Maximum Power: 12.2kw/8500r/min
Starting System: Electric
Tyre sizes: 110/70-16; 140/70-16
Battery size: 12V/9AH