Dongben DB250-2

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Test Riding the Dongben DB250-2

The DB250-2 is a new high-performance street bike developed by the Chongqing Dongben Industry Co., Ltd. which bears elements of European fashion   The DB250-2 is independently researched, developed and mass produced by the company itself proving its manufacturing capability.

To some extent the development of the DB250-2 is one of the brightest lights of Chinese street bikes.
On a friends’  reunion during the Spring Festival, I heard that the Dongben Company had developed a new street bike. After the festival I went back to work and called Mr. Xiao as I had realised that road trials had been made and the products had already been put into light production. On hearing this CHINA MOTOR motorcycle trial group got right down to the testing of new products.
Heroic Splendour
In the exhibition hall stand four DB250-2 motorcycles with the different colours of red, blue, green and black respectively. Red, black, silver blue black and green white motorcycles appropriately comply with the international colour concept, making the atmosphere more sports like while red and black fully embody the new “colour” of individuality and fashionable taste, displaying the rich metropolitan atmosphere. It was indeed a “city colour.”

The design of a streamline body first came to eyes when I saw the bike. The special design is based on the theory of aerodynamics. The vehicle has a full and robust body with standard stream lines, simple but strong, making the bike fashionable and dynamic. Looking more closely at the details of the DB250-2, you could see its inner richness. For example, the wide-section vehicle frame is connected with the square back swing arm, making the vehicle strong and good-looking while strengthening the load capability of the bike. The broad tyres and large-size disc brakes guarantee security while riding. The distinctively different oil tanks are laid out with the larger at the front and the smaller at the back, making it comfortable for your feet. The up warping of the tube muffler corresponds with the forward incline of the seat cushion giving an unrestrained ‘race feel.’


Heroic Grace
From the moment I mounted the DB250-2, I realised the the bike was easy to handle. As it is very low to the ground I could land my feet comfortably. The handlebars are back inclining so that you can straighten yourself up when riding.
The DB250-2 starts electrically. Just press the button on the right handlebar and the bike gets started with a low and soft hum. When ticking over, the loud sounds coming from the muffler are as strong and powerful as a drum of war.
After starting up, a simple press of the clutch places the gear into the right position. The motorcycle gains speed faster by shifting from second to third gear. Because the bike is a new the vibration of the engine seems heavier than we estimated when it runs on concrete roads at 30-35km/h in third gear. However, the vibration disappears when the bike keeps constant speed.
When approaching the destination, the motorcycle is in third gear. At this moment, we need to gain speed by pulling back the throttle and pressing the clutch for three successive times. Then we glide along without power. The whole process is very exciting.
Double discs in the front and single disc in the back make up the brake system of the DB250-2. There is no better arrangement for a street bike. At a speed of 60km/h, we break the bike from the back wheel to the front wheel with a stopping distance of around 7 meters. Because of the excellent braking performance and flexible handling we are confident that the DB250-2 is able to stand out in a crowded market.
Field Tests
The testing of the DB250-2 was undertaken on the concrete road in an industrial zone.
We were encouraged by the DB250-2 after the warm up as the fixing of the crouching legs close to the bike made the rider feel like he was driving a sports car.

A.Turning Radius
We chose the same 8-metre-wide road to test the shortest turning radius as it’s enough for turning at slow speed and capable of dealing with the handling of the DB250-2 on common roads. With a steady hum, the DB250-2 left a circle on the road. The result showed the turning radius of the bike, which was 2.0 meters.
B.Acceleration Performance
We also made a test for the performance of acceleration based on 4 starting speed: 0 — 30km/h, 0 — 40km/h, 0 — 50km/h, and 0 — 60km/h. The result was quite beyond our expectation:
Table 1: Acceleration capability of the DB250-2

In order to know the acceleration ability of the DB250-2, we measured a 100-metre-long track and placed the bike at the starting point. What we wanted to know was the time needed for the bike to go 100 meters at speed. The result is as follows:
Table 2: 100-meter dash

C.Braking Performance

The front wheel of the DB250-2 is 110/70-17 and the back wheel 140/70-17. The bike uses double discs in the front and single disc in the back, which guarantees urgent braking and security even with maximum loads.
Table 3: Braking Performance

Table 4: Temperature


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