Qingqi QM200-2D Test Ride

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The QM200-2D motorcycle is jointly designed by Jinan Qingqi and French Peugeot. By integrating some European elements into itself and combining its own design style at the same time, it boldly attempts at being based on tough lines, bringing a sense of movement which is full of modern elements to the whole vehicle. The whole vehicle modelling of the QM200-2D is dignified and heroic, full of impassioned and forceful senses of movement.

Technical Characteristics

As a sport street bike jointly designed by China and France, the whole vehicle modelling of QM200-2D is dignified and heroic, full of impassioned and forceful sense of movement, and once won the Best Design Award at the Czech Show. As a sport street bike which integrates science & technology, environment protection and comfort into one, the QM200-2D adopts a new-type diamond-shaped frame which ensures the stability of the body to a large extent.Β 

The front suspension system adopts inverted front shock absorbers, and the back suspension system adopts central spring shock absorbers. Such a strong suspension configuration is very rare among the same-grade home made vehicle. This vehicle also adopts a tubeless high-speed tyre. The specification of the front tyre is 110 / 70β€”17, and that of the back tyre is 140 / 70β€”17. The front brake adopts large-size dual-brake discs equipped with dual-piston calipers, and the back brake is single-disc equipped with dual-piston calipers. In addition, the rotating part of the front bottom fork uses high-intensity needle bearing, 22L super large capacity oil tank and newly designed instrument panel, all of which make it different from others.


Performance Test
Advantages: Fashionable and dynamic appearance design are all in line with the design concepts of sport street vehicles. At the same time, it highlights its own appearance design characteristics, making the whole vehicle full of sense of lines with distinct edges and corners. The high-speed performance of the engine is very smooth, and the sensitivity and strength of the front brake are all very satisfactory.

Disadvantages: The front tyre is too wide which makes the handlebar feel heavy at low speed, affecting the flexibility of the vehicle. The engine performs not very well at low speed and the torque is inadequate when it speeds up after starting.

Main Purpose: city leisure travelling

Adaptive Population: young people pursuing fashion

Suggestion for Improvement: The size of the front tyre should be changed for a narrower one to make it improved in manipulation. The inverted front shock absorber is a little soft, affecting sport travelling.

The Test Feelings:

The fashionable and dynamic appearance design of the QM200-2D is in accordance with the manufacturing concept of modern internationalised sport vehicles. It is significantly different from others in details such as the diamond-shaped petrol tank, pointed tail and small blinker, making the whole vehicle full of personality and sense of movements. The jewelry blue spray paint coupled with dynamic body decals makes the QM200-2D eye-catching. The split type-sport handlebar reflects the theme of sport once again, adding a lot of sport vehicle favour to the whole vehicle.

The engine of the QM200-2D adopts the reputable GN technology of Japanese SUZUKI. Relying on several major characteristics including low repair rate, strong durability and stable power output, this vehicle is recognised by most of the users, which is also the major reason why this engine is used on the QM200-2D. The engine of the QM200-2D performs smoothly in high speed region: the speed enhances fast and the high-speed region is wide, and at the same time the shake of the engine is acceptable. However, the engine performs not so well at low speed, with insufficient torque. In terms of power, the engine of the QM200-2D performs smoothly in the speed transition between low, medium and high speed phrases as a whole. There is no sense of frustration from start-up acceleration to putting up full block, making people feel smooth from the beginning right to the end.

The flexibility of the QM200-2D motorcycle is out of my imagination, and it is very difficult to find such strong brake effect in motorcycles of the same type in China. The braking system of two braking disks equipped with two dual-piston calipers is used in the front brake of the vehicle, with skill and ease. In traveling, as long as the front brake works with force slightly, the QM200-2D can easily complete the skilled movement of up wrapping the back wheel, which can be called the expert of back wheel up-wrapping.

The Main Technical Parameters of the QM200-2D:

Similarly, the back brake of the vehicle is also equipped with disc brake system. The rear wheel will be quickly locked by treading the brake slightly with force.
Adopting sport high-end configuration, the suspension system of the QM200-2D is a bright spot of this vehicle.

The front suspension adopts inverted hydraulic front shock absorber and the rear suspension adopts central spring shock absorber. The sport bike suspension system greatly ensures the manipulation of this bike, and improves the performance at bends and also guarantees the stability of driving at high speed. The high-speed stability and bend performance of this vehicle are no less than any of the sport bike produced in China.

It can be said that if equipped with a spoiler, the QM200-2D will be a sport bike suitable for driving in a sport style. However, the premise is that the front tire should be replaced as the too wide front tire affects the manipulation of the vehicle at low speed. The handlebar feels heavy when steering, which affects the flexibility of the vehicle. There will be some tremble in the front part of the body when traveling in a straight line; however, the tremble will be gradually weakened with the increase of the speed.

A fact has to be admitted that the success of the appearance design of the QM200-2D indeed adds a lot of points for the whole vehicle. The appearance of the QM200-2D has deeply attracted me or I can say that it has moved me, letting me see the hope of the Chinese made vehicles and also I am full of hope.

Just like a “juvenile” full of passion, the QM200-2D is running to us, bringing new hope to our homely made vehicles!


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    just another cool bikes from greatwall country πŸ™‚

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