Xingyue 400GY-2

20 Des

Test Riding the Xingyue 400GY-2
—Mechanical Warrior

Most motorcycle fans don’t cover up their favour for large displacement motorcycles. Whether the cruising Harley-Davidson on the No. 66 road in the movie or the racing bikes on the track, their super cool appearance, solid bodies and strong power are the dreams of many people. For various reasons, we rarely have a chance to get close to such model which stands for higher technical standards, so we are quite pleased to learn that we will have the opportunity to attend the Xingyue 400GY-2 test riding. Because we believe that Xingyue, as a Chinese motorcycle producer specialised in making large displacement motorcycles, will not let us down.

When the silverish black Xingyue 400GY-2 appears in front of me, there’s an image coming into my mind suddenly: the mechanical warrior! In terms of its appearance, we regard it as a sport street bike. Its angular lines clearly announce that its rider must have a young heart if not a young age. Looking at it from the front, the design of its headlamp seems to be influenced by the high class vehicles which are popular in Europe and America; the big and small lamp combination is very modern and fashionable; looking at it from its behind, its exhaust pipe with the aluminum alloy cover looks very elegant; looking at it from its side, its high-grade black electrophoresis frame and 16-inch hollow aluminium wheels show signs of luxury. Such appearance makes it look like a mechanical warrior armed to the teeth; it looks like a brave and strong transformer from the movie and it’s full of dominating power. I’d rather display it in my sitting room as my collection if it’s not for the test riding task.
It’s lighter than I expected while riding it; this owes credit to its aluminium alloy rear fork and handlebar components. Its seat is 820 mm high, but the smart design of the seat shape to go with the narrow vehicle frame enables me to touch the ground with my feet. The arrangement of its footrest, gearshift and brake is very appropriate; such humane design will still bring the rider a good feeling even for a long distance riding.

Its power flows violently after starting; such feeling on a big displacement motorcycle is hard to get for someone who is used to the small displacement motorcycle. Engine’s power transfer is very smooth; gear shifting from low to medium and high speed is very easy. Its body and handlebar don’t have any evident vibration; its extra wide vacuum tyres guarantee its steadiness at high speed. I didn’t worry a bit at the height of 161 mm from the ground when travelling in any road condition. Its extra thick big stroke front shock absorber and its hydraulic rear shock absorbers were working well; they sprang back freely; the comfortable feature for long distance travel is guaranteed.

In terms of braking, its front and rear dual-pump big disc brakes ensure the safety for travelling at high speed; the braking sensitivity and braking distance of the Xingyue 400GY-2 are very satisfying after several high speed braking tests. The only pity is that its acceleration performance at high speed is not as good as I expected, maybe it’s because Xingyue deliberately restricted the high speed for safety reason.
After test riding, the Xingyue 400GY-2 is regarded to fit for long distance travelling on all road conditions. All designs on its body prove that it is not only a short distance transport for city life. If not, its 22L extra large oil tank will be meaningless. An impulsive idea comes to my mind from time to time when I am riding the Xingyue 400GY-2 motorcycle: I will ride it on the high way! I don’t know when this dream can come true; but the large displacement motorcycle models stand for higher technical level; they should also be the development direction of the Chinese motorcycle products. With this point of view, I am looking forward to riding the large displacement motorcycle again.



4 Tanggapan to “Xingyue 400GY-2”

  1. willykk 21 Januari 2011 pada 3:06 am #

    hmm spt woodywoodpecker 😳

  2. Arsyad 24 Mei 2012 pada 5:22 pm #

    minat sama model ini,, ada info lebih lanjut kah? spek mesin bagaimana? trims

  3. Arsyad 18 Juni 2012 pada 12:12 pm #

    oh ya gan nemu video di youtube barang serupa tapi pake nama gilera SMX 400.. ada info kelanjutannya kah

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