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The YG250NF Street Bike Carrying a Mighty Bearing



The amazingly attractive appearance, the forceful sound, the surprising explosive power, the agile braking performance, its external and internal craftsmanship, the YG250NF street bike carries a magnificent degree of quality all around. “This street bike took us one year’s hard work.” President Zhang was unbelievably proud when speaking of this YG250NF street bike. People were all convinced of with the Yingang Shandiwang’s superior performance and the launch of this top homemade street bike will definitely make a stir in China.


Its Stable & Solid Appearance
In terms of its colour, its yellow and black body may look plain, but this goes right with its stable and solid style. Its angular and super big petrol tank and the design of its deep down and wide seat is suitable for human body’s bow tension and also gives people a sense of stability and safety; the design also has visual aesthetic fluency. Meanwhile, the perfect welding of its frame, the shining electroplated yellow paint, the eye-catching round crystal headlamp, the small and exquisite pair of tail lights which have the beauty of symmetry all reflect Yingang’s exquisite craftsmanship.

Of course, the most attractive things are its sporty and fashionable streamline shape and its slightly high and wide front handlebar which show its unique master quality and demonstrate its tremendous momentum of dominating the world.

Its Surprising Accelerating & Instant Braking Performances
The entire body of the YG250NF looks magnificent, but if we really want to find out its most ‘attractive’ part, then it has to be its YG170MM engine–dual cam four stroke water cooled engine. Its compression ratio is 11:1 and maximum torque is 22Nm; this easily proves its pursuit of strong explosive power; its strong torque makes its rider does whatever he wishes at the extreme high or low speed. In the 50m and 10m acceleration sprint, the YG250NF only took 4.21 seconds and 5.81 seconds respectively; its strong power is enough to secure its leading and proud position among many homemade street bikes.

In terms of its braking performance, this street bike is unbelievably good. Its front dual-disc brake and rear disc brake along with its big tread and good ground-holding performance tyres make it always ready to brake excellently; it’s just a press away for an instant deceleration. Two fingers will be more than enough to operate its front brake; the strong braking performance demonstrated by its front brake pads makes you awe with admiration. I’d like to inform those who don’t always ride motorcycles, don’t brake hard so as to prevent its rear wheel from going up in the air and prevent you from falling off. The outstanding shock absorbing system is a must for a strong power vehicle. It uses a front inverted fork, a middle rear shock absorber plus the independent cradle which help to balance its body at the time of high-speed braking, so the stability after high -speed barking is guaranteed and its shock absorbing effect is more comfortable.

If one defect has to be pointed out, it’s its weight of 152.6kg. Its 16L super big petrol tank can provide enough fuel for long-distance travel, so it’s all up to your physical strength for long-distance travel; will you be able to ride it long in the way you wish to ride it?


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