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pasti ngiler liat disain ST200 X-STREET

14 Okt

Product Information:

2011 new model for all over the world.

200cc ZONGSHEN counter-balance engine, electric start, alloy wheel, front and rear disc brake, LED headlight, LED rear light, LED fuel tank light, digital speedometer.

72 units in 40’HQ CBU (carton with iron frame)

120 units in 40’HQ SKD (carton with iron frame)

sorry, datanya masih mentah… heheheh

mesinnya kelihatan sama dengan punyanya minerva R200

nyomot dari : sontan motorcycle


mencoba membandingkan XGJAO XG150-27 (2009) dengan Minerva R150VX (2010)

14 Okt

silahkan bandingkan 2 motor dibawah:

XGJAO XG150-27



comot dari kaskus

selain spion, blok mesin, silincer knalpot, apa lagi disain yang beda?

silahkan lihat gambar di bawah ini:

bedanya cuma di cover crankcase doang…. masih berani bilang disainnya mau dipatenkan pak?

Brosur Jialing LiOn RetroMatic 125cc

1 Mar

info selebihnya di warung sebelah ya…..

Vento Cafe GT 400 Part II

1 Mar

copas dari:

  • The Vento 400 Cafe GT. A small capacity, fun, utility motorcycle. Able to commute, scratch, anything. A low seat height, low weight and moderate power makes it suitable for a large range of riders and especially appealing to learners.The Vento 400 Cafe GT was instigated by Nic Butti a Industrial Designer working for PTS Motors in Wuxi City, P.R.China. Nic saw the possibility of utilising the PTS 400cc triple cylinder motor, initially destined for the Vento Reptile Sports ATV, in a small, stylish, utility motorcycle.

    PTS Motors began developing the machine and Nic introduced Mario Cisneros (Vento Motorcycle USA) and Richard James (The Model Citizen) to the project to help develop the design. Richard had worked with Drysdale Motorcycle Co to develop the engine and was very familiar with it’s layout.

    Due to financial constraints, PTS discontinued the project. Nic and Richard discussed the situation and decided that the opportunity  to continue the project was too great to dismiss and, using their own money and time, developed the machine to a “proof of concept” prototype. Drysdale Motorcycle Co, who developed the engine, help with assembling the machine and Craig Longhurst (The Mischief Makers) fabricated the frame.

  • The “proof of concept” was shown to Vento Motorcycles and PTS Motors (the “to be” manufacturer) and Vento commissioned a pre-production prototype to be built. The brief stipulated by Vento was that as many existing componets were to be used and that Vento had input into the styling of the machine.PTS Motors requested Drysdale Motorcycle Co to act as project managers for the production of the prototype and the machine was built in their workshop with Nic and Richard retaining creative control and overseeing the fabrication and production specific detailing.

  • When the pre-production prototype was completed Mario Cisneros traveled to Australia to evaluate the machine. He rode it for several days, on varying roads and terrain and approved the design without hesitation.
    Vento Motorcycles is coordinating with manufacturers in P.R.China to take the prototype into production.
  • Vento 400 Cafe GT pre-production prototype, as presented to Vento Motorcycles USA
    (all pre-production photos: Greg Parish)
  • The Vento 400 Cafe GT was featured in many magazine worldwide including Two Wheels (Aust) and Australian Motorcycle News. MCN (UK), Motorcycle Sport and Leisure (UK), Cycle (US) and on internet motorcycle news websites and forums.


Engine: 392cc, 4 stroke, Air + Oil cooled, Carbureted inclined 3 cylinder
Bore x Stroke & Compression Ratio: 56.0 x 53.0 mm & 9.9:1
Max Power & Torque: 27 kW ( 35.5 HP ) /7500 rpm & 33 Nm ( 25 ) /5000 rpm
Transmission & Drive Train: 5 speed manual clutch & 520 O ring chain
Ignition & Starting System: DC – CDI & Electric Start
Fuel tank & Oil capacity: 14 Litres & 2.2 Litre
Front & Rear Brakes: Single 300mm Disc & Single 200mm Disc
Front & Rear suspension: 40mm USD Forks – 120mm travel & Single shock with linkage – 150mm travel
Front & Rear tyres: 110×70-17 & 140×70-17
Wheel Base & Seat Height: 1400 mm & 750mm
Weight: 155kg (half wet)


28 Feb

hehehe… sebenarnya mocin berbentuk vespa…. ini dia….. JIALING JL125T-12A A.K.A Veneri (EU) atau LaVita (US)

versi jok panjang:


125cc Classic model JL125T-12A. It uses EFI system (Electronic Fuel Injection) with computer diagnose system which can quickly find out the problem on bike if there is any.

Engine type Single cylinder, four stroke, Air-cooling
Displacement 125ml
Max power 5.2kw (8000r/min)
Max torque 7.5n·m (4500r/min)
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Fuel system EFI
Dry weight 95kg
Ground clearance 110mm
Tyre size 3.5-10-4 3.5-10-4
Economic fuel consumption ≤2.3 L/100km
Brake system Fr.:Disc/Rr. :Disc
Max speed 90 KM/H

untuk brosur bahasa londo bisa didapet di
bahasa amriknya di
user manual di


28 Feb

Ini Aslinya:

Ini Bonsainya:


Mocin bekas lebih mahal dari harga barunya?

23 Feb

gila… ada yang jual beijing extrem 200 second lebih mahal dari harga barunya…. apa karena barangnya nggak pasaran kali ya…..

Mocin yang diiklankan ini adalah Beijing Extrem 200R, harga terakhir di Zaneta Jalan Panjang Kebon Jeruk seharga Rp.16.750.000 On The Road, sedangkan Produk yang 11-12 dijual dengan nama Dayang Chavaliar DY200R denan harga jual terakhir di Dealer Dayang Kali Malang Seharga Rp.18.000.000

untuk lebih jelasnya tentang produk ini silahkan cek ke TKP:


jualnya pake bawa2 nama honda segala….

“Dijual: MOGE HONDA BJ GL 200 BIRU 2009” …..WTF…..

ane komen jujur soal harga barunya, nggak lama iklannya dia hapus & bikin baru lagi…….

silahkan cek lapaknya di itu juga kalau belum didelete… 🙂

monggo dishare…