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Mau beli mesin Megelli RV/Gen2? order ke zongshen aja… :)

28 Nov

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Key Product Attributes

Performance and characteristic:

Optimized the design of intake and exhaust and combustion system,make the engine more powerful.

The unique structural design of the engine, the engine structure is more compact, the engine total height is smaller.

The weight of engine is lighter, total weight is 30kg

The design of Sub-cavity lubrication system to ensure adequate lubrication of the engine moving parts and improve engine reliability.

New Design of the clutch cover, clutch removal easier

Performance and Characteristics

Compact engine structure

According to analysis on many limited elements, the engine weight shall be minimized on the premise of ensuring the strength of parts and components. Compact structure design effectively controls the overall dimensions of the engine; the clutch cover is designed to make it easier to remove the clutch, and the start-up shaft is upward, which is more suitable for mounting on the off-road.

Gas passage and combustion system design

Intake and exhaust and combustion system design is optimized, greatly increasing engine gas charging efficiency, improving fuel and gas mixing condition, promoting combustion, and increasing engine power output.

Separate chamber lubrication system

Two oil pumps are provided for the engine to supply lubricating oil for warmed up part and driving part respectively to ensure each moving component of the engine is fully lubricated so as to increase engine reliability.

Valve rocker arm of needle bearing

Valve rocker arm of needle bearing improves friction condition between camshaft and rocker arm, reduces power loss and extends service life;

Special spraying hole design

The box is provided with special spraying hole for spraying oil to cool down and lubricate the cylinder piston, thus effectively controlling piston temperature and improving engine operation environment and extending engine service life.

High-accuracy Morse silent chain

High-accuracy Morse silent chain reduces noise generated from engine operation and extending chain service life;

Built-in balance shaft device

Built-in balance shaft device effectively balances engine vibration in all directions and makes the engine operate stably with low noise;

Technical Parameters

Engine model : ZS177MM

Engine name : NC250

Engine type : Single cylinder,4-stroke,4-valve,water-cooled, camshaft upward, with balance shaft.

Displacement (ml) : 249.6

Dimension (mm×mm×mm) : 382×316×415

Net weight(kg) : 31

Max. power (kw/r/min) : 19/9000

Max. torque (N.m/r/min) : 22.5/7000

Compression ratio : 11.6:1

Bore and stroke (mm×mm) : 77×53.6

Ignition method : DC-CDI

Lubrication method : Pressure and splash

Min. fuel consumption (g/Kw.h): ≤354

Starting method : Electric/kick

Clutch method : Manual wet multi-plate

Gearshift method : Constant mesh, two stage transmission ,6-speed gearshift


selain ngloning piaggio MP3 ternyata YIBEN juga ngloning Pulsar 135LS :P

18 Nov

sampai ada sari guardnya juga… 😀

kayaknya ini mah cuma prototype aja… dia beli unit utuh p135ls, cuma diganti mesinnya doang… trus kalo ada yg berminat baru deh diproduksi massal

Ada Perusahaan Indonesia di EICMA Milan 2011

14 Nov

CPI XR Series (125-150-250cc)

14 Nov

buat yang suka cafe racer…..


7 Nov

CAGIVA F4-150CC khusus asia kali ya (Thai)

7 Nov


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4 Nov

Tiger Motorcycles


The X-Road 250, is not produced by Tiger Motor and Tiger Motor depends on parts from Chinese suppliers who have contracts with Sachs Bike. Does Tiger motorcycle already get the new shipment of X-road parts from China, they said they would have new stock at the end of August….